Have I Got It All Wrong

a poem by Adunola Osilowo, Nigeria

I closed my eyes because I wanted to see clearer, for closing did not bring me darkness; it allowed movement, released images that passed through my mind.
But they’ve been closed too long and I’m beginning to lose sight and if I can’t see my dreams, how can I live them?

I opened my mind so I could be free, so my thoughts could flow out and others could visit.
Somehow it has gotten a little cloudy, others decided to stay and I let my thoughts just float away.

I freed my spirit so I could chase after it, having faith that it would lead me where I wanted to go.
Well right now it’s way ahead of me and I can’t seem to catch up.

Now I’m here with closed eyes, an open mind and a free spirit, wondering if I’ve got it all wrong.

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