a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I too have become a poet at heart,
I have found in me a rhymer,
a hopeless romantic, and a philosopher,
a palette of voices I choose from, like ordering poetic verses to the page a la carte.

Nights, with pen in hand, chaining together words to fulfill a plan.
Soon, I too will live the Dream, "Author" they will call me.

Thankless Hours, Nervous Energy,
Everyone questions, "What will they say at my eulogy?,"
For me it will be spoken, "Author, Father, Son and Dreamer,"

My words forever saved, the stories all collected,
Out there for the World, vulnerable and unprotected, My Words will be all Alone, someday My Words, My Art, and My Spirit will be the only things left to speak for me. That's reality!

But, I have to stay positive in a world that is negative, and regardless of success, I had to keep my belief that my words would live on.
I had to trust in myself that My Words will bring someone happiness, and My Words would bring someone calm peaceful gratitude, maybe, My Words will have become somone's serene assuranaces of the power of keeping and sharing the Faith, The words will hopefully build others up, and hopefully give them confidence in their pursuits of "Chasing Down Their Dreams."

For words and thoughts and prayers are powerful,
They can never be taken back.
Perseverance, Determination, and Belief in Yourself,
Now that's where confidence is at!
I, too, have become a Poet at Heart!
Not everything I say through my words will have rhyme, nor will it have structure, but the choices of words have reason, themes for every season, I am a believer Now!
Because I hear the love's first sweet notes!
The melody is like inspirational fire to my Soul!
Peace is on the way!


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