We Are All Going to Heaven

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

We are all going to heaven only satan is bound for hell
There is no reason for you not to be happy and to feel well

What are you worried about when the meek will inherit the earth
You should be reveling in life’s pleasures and its mirth

Look at the bright side and never get dark and down
We are all going to Heaven so there is no need to wear a frown

The next time they try to worry you, laugh out loud instead
Remember the promises of the Lord and you could never dread

You are not going to let an infinitesimal incident cause you to cry
Get back up on your feet and give happiness a try

You’re looking at it all wrong; if you have time for sorrow
Laugh out loud today and you will have a better tomorrow

If you are sad perhaps you are not going forward fast enough
Get your engine going and show us that you are tough

You are worrying about life's next step, but you can’t know tomorrow
Force yourself to live in the moment, and you will know no sorrow

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