Silver thread

a poem by Ash sarge, USA

Silver is the threads that binds,
Us all.
A world of poetic lines,
Universal , conversations
Of rythymes.
Silver, is the dust,
An inspirational must,
And it's your voice that echoes,
The corridors, throughout,
The halls.
You come to my floor,
I heard your foot steps,
Balance on my words.
Gold says,
Grab ,take, hold,
Be the shiny yellow,
Is more gentle,
Keep going,
You'll get there someday.
The shiny grey,
The whisp,
The spryte that is the dust,
Not aggressive,
But will defend,
The silver threads,
Of infant pride..
The toys and rythymes,
Of children.
Whisp to threads,
The pen from spryte,
Up close,
Or precious mines edge.
Whisp my friend,
Lets unspool the silver again.

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