a poem by Ash sarge, USA

Many faces,many images,
And like God many names.
We look to this currency,
For all the reasons,
And all the blame.
There's time enough,
There will be time,
It's running out,
Where did the time go.
Look at our mothers,
Hold up the photos,
Of years ago..
Take out a pencil,
There's a few fades ,
On the skin,
To fill in.
Look at our fathers,
The young are not the only ones,
With scars,
Aned it's more than just the bones,
That get broken...
There's enough time,
There will be time,it keeps
running out,
Where did the time go.
I light a candle,
For you both,
I say a few graces, to time.
Perhaps, a plea,
Mixed with flattry,
Will make it happier,
And slow.
But if the old guy,
Refuses to stall,
Should the leaves,
Start to fall,
I'll trim mine, in spite,
Of time.

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