Kings of what I am

a poem by Ash sarge, USA

Paralyzed, as a nymph,
Almost too old to be in water,
A sanctuary, of sort,
Amongst the fates,
Kings of what I am,
Hover, above with curiosity,
With nothing to say,
They continue to pass.
I wait for my eyes to close,
Never to open ,again in this form.
Sparkles replace the original,
That encase,
Still I envy you,
Kings if what I am.
The sanctuary,
Grows too small,
That ability is almost gone,
The mud,
Would make an easier,
Resting place.
I shed the original,
Sparkles take its place,
I bid adieu,
To the eye held by three,
Always remembered by me.
What a spectacle am I,
The kings take their time,
Flying by.
It's a nuisance enough,
But, now I reflect the sun from
I close my eyes,
To this form, not like before,
I've tried,
I envy you the more,
Great dragons, wings of four,
And Amen...
Kings of what I am.

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