a poem by Ash sarge, USA

How do I place my faith in God,
When I'm holding a sword,
How do I place my faith in God,
When the one,
I released from this earth,
Has done the same.
God, what wrong has he done,
Abba, what was my brother's,
Faith cannot be this gun,
Aimed, at another's, heart,
God are you listening ,
To the danger,
Is that why, the bullet,
Did not stall.
Is faith, an abstract painting,
Hanging on the wall,
You get it, and you get it,
But that poor brother,
He bit it.
God didn't stop the sword,
Now a bullets in a chest,
I do what needs to done,
I am not the faithful one.
How do I have faith,
When all the mysteries,
Are won.
The battle is through,
I reclaim my sword,
My number is written,
Somewhere too.
Brother whats your name,
So when I get there,
You can tell me...
How to have faith.

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