a poem by tailang taya, India

It all began with a little dream
That shaped his mind and life's purpose,
When Johny still had little wings
That feared the stronger winds to oppose.

In dream he saw a children's crowd,
Laughing,playing and fighting some.
He jumped amongst them with abuses loud,
With fist at hand to end their game.

''Not with fist but the touch of love''
Voiced a man dressed in radiant light.
''Who art thou?'' Little Johny asked.
Curiously looking at his guide.

''I am the son of the women thy mother prays.
Thy blows shall not be the message of peace,
Instead your words of love shall inspire,
And that's how you shall keep my flock at ease''

A lighthouse on a dark stormy shore,
A true super hero that lived,
Death could do nothing more,
A legend he was and so shall forever live!

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