Fire and Ice

a poem by Ash sarge, USA

In the demise of one,
Comes the end of the other,
Proud is Ice, before it turns,
To water,
And rogue is fire,
Before it is quenched.
Who on earth calls me ice,
Is it my chill ,
That makes you shudder,
Who again, on earth,
Calls you fire,
Should I shy from a flame,
I can't deny.
Do we kill each other,
In the acts of love,
And if so, what do we call,
Our resurrections.
Would I freeze completely,
If I did not melt,
Does an icicle feel pain,
Would your mercury,
Go past liquid,
Does blue flame need to swallow,
My ice, your fire,
Nothing to add,
Nothing to subtract,
I'll keep my frost,
You keep your cinders,
We'll make magic ash.
I'm the glacier,
That makes you shudder,
Your an eternal flame,
Who's burn I cannot deny,
Someone on earth love,
Calls us fire and ice.

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