a poem by P.K.N. Panicker, India


Do my words of yesterdays
echo in your mind
as you walk
on the memory lanes
that we did not take?

Do my deeds of yester years
unveil fascinating pictures
of mirth and joy
of moments unforgettable
in front of your retina
as you move along
those enchanting tourist spots
that we never visited?

Do the scent of my body
and the warmth of my touch
in those moments of ecstasy
still make your inside stir
to the whiff of the evaporating
thin smoke of air
and invite your mind
to generate buds of moonlit poetry?

Do my silent prayers over the years
reverberate in your ears
as you ponder over
the lazy, relaxed, cool sunny days
that you and I dreamed
but could not make?

Do my pain of frustration
over lost opportunities
failed dreams
killed aspirations
strike sympathetic chords
of understanding,
evoke a sense of sharing and caring
in your heart
and kindle pangs of helplessness
as never before?

If your answers be in the affirmative
I implore you,
even as I enter
into this state of deep coma
and drift into
the world of non-existent life,
to stretch your hand once more
for me to hold and rest my weight,
reposition myself
to a relaxed posture, if not erect,
and gently swipe away
those droplets of tears
on your lower eyelids,
on your wrinkled cheeks
with my fingers to bid farewell
as I used to, always in the past,
just once more,
the last in all times to come.

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