My thoughts.....again....

a poem by Myrna Martin, USA

"This small window of time we are granted on this Earth, is a mere blink in God's eyes"...

@10/27/18 Myrna Martin

"Never take for granted your loved ones...
Time is not promised, only given"...
@10/27/18 Myrna Martin

"If I could do it over again, I probably wouldnt, this path in life is where I am supposed to be."
@10/27/18 Myrna Martin

"The past has nothing for me, but the future sure does."
@10/27/18 Myrna Martin

"If you don't try, how will you know if you'll succeed?"
@10/27/18 Myrna Martin

"When I love, I love with all my heart, when I am betrayed, it crushes me: But, never again will I feel that same pain, because of it; I got so much stronger."
@10/27/18 Myrna Martin

"An Angel kissed my cheek, when the Devil slapped me."
@10/27/18 Myrna Martin

"You will never break me, I am God's cherished girl."
@10/27/18 Myrna Martin

"Remember, we are all connected; what you put forth returns to you, think about that. The Universe is a big place; Understand, thoughts are recognized, and whispers are heard.
@10/27/18 Myrna Martin

My Daily Mantra...(Positivity)
This much I know is true.....
This New Year's Eve... 2018

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