The Place Where Golden Lotus Petals Are Found

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

We must all come to drink the water,
Maybe, maybe some of us would prefer the wine?
We couldn't all be the same, because the simulation would be boring.
We all needed a reason, whether that be Love in a Muse,
Pride in a Family, or Goals we choose to Pursue.

An "Underground Artist" Hiding his Craft from others, not because of a fear of rejection, but rather a confidence that the time would soon come when the World was ready for my arrival. A time when they could handle and connect to my words.

My writing was waiting silently; beneath the lily flowers, the many projects sprouted like the underwater leaves that were now too numerous to count hiding under the Hardy Lily pads and the flower which could be white or pink, yellow or orange, Always the Attention Stealer!

I was ready to rise out of the Primordial Muck that was obscurity. I envisioned my many projects working their way and reaching high above and out of that "Pond of Writers" who were caught "Under the water."

With my many projects I envisioned them more as Lotus flowers with their leaves being my advancing works rising up out of that "Pond of Writers," out of that "Sea of Insecurties." It was a Sea my many years and years of writing had produced.
The Glorious petals and leaves had grown,
these projects, the pipedream became true.
As the White-gold petals of the Lotus flower began to blossom, the sun shone warmly as the soft petals began to create an effervescence in the water below, suddenly a mist of gold appeared and began to emerge and started collecting on the petals in a miraculous and beautiful sight, the petals were being decorated by the golden mist, each Lotus petal, one by one. The gold forming and collecting on the petals became an afterthought, as the joy the golden blossoms brought to others meant more than all the gold anyone could offer.

Each day shedding the Golden Petals into the Water from which the flower had grown high above, and out of,
Now free to the people who cared to approach and recover those golden Petals.


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