a poem by Ash sarge, USA

Lemon drops,
Such a happy spot,
When mets the honeyed,

Cherry sours,
Are not so dour,
When mets the honeyed,

Sits back the queen,
While ladies fly,
The men are sent to die.

Lemon drops,
A touch of poison,
So gentle it delights,

Cherry sours,
Given the same,
Thanks for sugar cane.

Sits backs the queen,
Still works the ladies,
The men say I love you,
In the freeze of winter.

Give to the babes,
Lemon drops,
And give to them,
Sour cherries,
Give them with these,
A few drops of golden dew,
Until they're old enough to carry.

Thank you all for reading my poems and for your comments I really appreciate them. I'm still learning this app(:(:

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