I Like To Read My Writing...

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I Like To Read My Writing...

I like to read my writing,
I don't know why,
But I think that is because it reminds me of the past,
Where I have been, and where this writing might take me. It takes me into the future, a much more peaceful place, without all the corruption and politics, now that will be the Day!
Disease has been eradicated, age extended times 9 (nine), Yet, what we can't get over is the shame of 2099, that was when the lot of them decided to catch a space flight outta here,
The planet had been ruined in less than 300 years.

SciFi held the key that we kept so closely to our hearts,
Living life imagining was constantly my Art.

For what is art if it will not last?

Maybe something we did to show those after us that we truly had a blast!

Some famous artists say that Art is just trash, But this Trash meant something to me,
It helped me to endure and preserve, it helped me know who I was, who I am now, and who I planned to be.
All that has been written was enough for me to now summarily rest, But, hey! Not for too long though if I wanted to be the Best.

I know now where I want to take my readers
I've read the best and I know I am not there yet.

I'd say it has potential...
I like to Read My Writing because editing is Half of the Battle.

*Keep battling Friends! Believe that you can do it!


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