residual energy

a poem by Nina Marie Campbell, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I've had quite enough !
Won't someone help me get rid of this stuff ?
"Things" are vibrations and a measurement of light
Some things make you feel good & some give you fright
Ignorance is bliss ? Ha... I think not !
When the point of no return arrives you'll wish that you had though
That pretty box with shiny things... I'm throwing it away
It has thoughts and feelings and tears of yesterday
The same rings true that happy things can also leave a trace
You'll know it once you hold it and a smile's upon your face
Times of happiness and joy can sometimes clear the room
But negative is sticky ....cant get it off my broom
The more you have the more you'll get
So make it less with no regret
Less is better and easily cleaned
Keeping it simple
is a life long
simple dream

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