A Little “N” For November Nonsense.An. Alliteration.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Now November never neglects nuptial niceties, nor
necessary negotiations over needed necessities. Nepotism needs
no nifty niggling nudges, needless needling nor notes! Nonetheless,
numerous numbers of non-cooperative and non-conforming
neanderals: nifty naked nonagenarian nudists, need no
numbered notations on nondescript nubile nether nodules.
Notwithstanding, notorious nephews and nieces, and
noteworthy neophyte Nuns, Nannies, Nursemaids and
Naval Navigators, never nix nilla-nilla Nubians, nor normally
normal newcomers with naughty ninety-nine notables.
Nonetheless, neither nearby neighbourhood negotiators,
nor narcisstic Nagasaki nabobs, need narcotics! Neither do
naughty nonentities, naive nymphs - needlessly necking and nuzzling
nymphomaniacs - need no neckties, neckbands, necklaces,
neckerchiefs, night- dresses or naughty night shirts or negligible negligees!
No one notices nine nimble, notorious, nostalgic neuropathic nurses,
niftly negating numerous newts nibbling on Nigerian niblicks, nits and nuts!
Nevertheless, a noonday nimbus, negates a nightmare nemesis needing a needle!,
Niggardly niggling nuisances, nobbling nitwit nags, need naught,
neither do northbound nightjars and nighthawks needing nightcaps,
need newspapers, notebooks, nor nonsensical nomenclature from naysayers!
Notwithstanding, now novice November has arrived it needs no
new notices - nefarious or nitty-gritty - from necrotic newcomers!
‘Nuff said!

Rhymer. November 5th, 2018.
If you can make sense of this?
Let me know!

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