Three things needed for life ( The 94th challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

To succeed in life you need three things.
A wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.

Around my neck hangs a wishbone from a turkey
that resemble a V.
Whether, I'm happy or feeling blue, I can wear it
just about anywhere.
When there hatred everywhere ! Not a kind word
to be found! No compassion anywhere !
That when I need to rub my wishbone the most,
wishing that the world was better!

It must be known, that to succeed in life you must also have
backbone. To stand up for what you believe.
Which can be a blessing and a curse !
Be nice, and someone may try and turn you into a doormat.
You have to find a balance without being taken advantage of.
To have optimism. and believe in yourself, even if at the times,
no one else does.

The third thing you need in life to succeed is a funny bone,
as without one, life may kill you.
My teacher has one midnight colored hair on her chin,
that bounces all around, as if it was a Mexican jumping bean
whenever she talks. It always turns my frown upside down!
Mickey my dog, has a way of clearing the room with his gas. Which
makes us both very unpopular. However, he always makes me laugh!
You just cannot take life too seriously !

So you see, to succeed in life, you too need these same three things !
A wishbone,a backbone, and a funny bone.
And just as it does for me, it will make your life complete!

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