94th Challenge To Succeed in Life You Need Three Things

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

(wishbone pass
backbone present
funny bone future life)

Let us go down deeper,
see what we have here,
Wishbone represents our past,
where dreams are free never last,
We wish to become successful in our chosen fields,
We keep on trying no matter how many times we failed,
The pillar of who we are inside and out,
which we are trying to build till we grow up,
I called it a backbone of our personality,
where we learn to live and establish life fairly,
Sometimes situations may break us apart,
just let it be done it will make you smart,
people or our decisions may hurt us oftentimes,
just feel it, embrace it with a smile,
we will see all the answers in our future life,
A funny bone if God would allow us to stay alive,
it's a reminder for us that life is too short to lie,
so we have to live every day like an innocent child,
less complain, fewer concerns, less heartache,
do things what makes you happy without regrets,
no one knows how long we could live,
so give your best and see the world,
learn to share with those who need,
our world badly needed a good deed,
Let your life shine all through the way,
before your light comes to an end and fades away,

#Trust in God always
P.S. I am moved by the Tittle Thank you much

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