a poem by Emmanuel Odame, Ghana

I remember I was seeking for change
Then someone told me to give my life to Christ
I remember it sounded strange.

I remember my friends used mock me
Some despised me, and some used to ask me
What number did God use to call me?

I remember I put all those friendship behind
Because I met a friend who was called Jesus
And I became better, I tell you, I can't deny.

I remember I used to suffer from addictions
And it was too hard to have self control
But I was healed and cured of my afflictions.

I remember no more my past sins
Because I was made whole and new
For Christ Jesus made me forget those things.

And I remember I met someone seeking for change
I told him to give his life to Christ
And his life has never been the same.

And he remembers, just as I remember,
That someone showed him the way to Christ
You will also be remembered, if you be that someone
Who brings many to Christ.

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