Wide awake

a poem by Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi, Nigeria


Yes! Have been In a deep
sleeping of Impoverished
Rag the rug of beggary
Into a beautiful room of agonize
Why! Why! I'm I appeared like a useless damaged vehicle
Why! Why! Are they removed a rag Inside cloth.

I needs to adventure my dream
Now! God has blessed with a fibric of wealth
Yes! Even the sound of a bomb can't
Voiced wilder than my fabric of wealth.

I'm Insomnic with a Wilder wealth
My eyes has opens
My stars has become famous all around.

I'm drinking Inside a rose-coloured cup
They made me a wealth, Of what I'm destined to be
Everyone have been dreaming to have me
I'm a wealth, Famous all around.

They 'd like to taste a water of fortune
But I'm like a water that you can't survived to being a real
Human being.

I'm awaken!
Well-known to world
Like a death that's antic long and Short.
I might entered a foolish being's life
And made It wise.

I'm a change maker;
Raised the dead-body of hunger with zombie.
I'm wide, you can't measure my Popularity

Now! That have changed my dream
I can't even belife there's still another life
When I died, But Slept unawakened of poverty
And woke up again Into a compound of wealth.

The only drugs to cure the sickness of poverty Is me
Wide awaken to world.
BY:Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi Dolapo

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