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It was a cold brisk Thursday morning as Elanor looked at all the clouds in the sky, she
thought of her past and asked herself why. The sun started to peak and was ready to
come out and say hi. Elanor lived in a world surrounded with pain, arthritis has forced
her to walk with a cane. She looked at her reflection in the pond and began to wonder
is this day going to be filled with love or with thunder. Her tea was delicious as she sat
under her favorite tree, a hummingbird came by and was delightful to see. He was
colorful and still with fast rapid movement of his wings, in the immediate background was
three parrots ready to sing. The warmth of the sun made her arthritis feel better, she was
contemplating on writing her cousin a letter. The last time they talked they argued and
fought. They are both two old souls that are stubborn and too proud to apologize, as time
went on Elanor missed her more than she realized. She was ready to break down and admit
she was wrong, she is the only living relative alive she needed her to feel strong. Elanor's
guilt weighed heavy on her shoulders, she found the courage to write and express her
feelings a little bolder. Nature's beauty can sometimes help you think as she wrote her
letter and sipped her drink. She sent her letter and in less than a week, they were both on
the phone with tears as her cousin started to speak. Happiness and love was back in
Elanor's life, it was back to movies and popcorn with just an occasional fight.

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