94th Challenge on Voicesnet "To Succeed In Life, You Need Three Things"

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Blades of grass, perfectly groomed, growing dormant,
the House decorated, RSVP's received
A Holiday Wish for Peace as the Leaves of
Yesterday are blowing far out of reach,
nearly out of existence.

We sit around laughing, thankful for those still at the Table,
Turkey Day Arrives, The smell of Pumpkin Pies, A Wishbone battle between Brothers,

God Blesses us each passing year, each day a blessing
as the "Day for the Flowers" will eventually arrive
for us all,
To have the Backbone to withstand and accept the coming Tide of Heaven,
(That tide that the Atheists so often chide),
Sooner or later we'll all catch that wave, The Wave of Supernatural
Love that will fill the believers with the spirit of insurmountable Joy,
Those left behind will shoulder that tragic loss, All our stories are tragidies after all.

We'll need each other, hold each other
Make each other laugh, striking that
Funnybone to have a little moment of
Heaven here on Earth after a loved one has passed.
To succeed in Life, You Need Three Things,...
Family, Friends, & Faith


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