Guard me while I pray

a poem by Ash sarge, USA

The mountains ,
are always a throne,
Waiting for those,
Who suddenly have to go.

I don't know why I brought you,
With me,
A thief doesn't stay free,
Very long..

I don't want you to stay,
I don't want you to leave,
Just stand by the trees,
And guard me while I pray.

He did no wrong,
His only crime, he was God's son,
Given a short amount of time,
To story out to everyone,
The lies told to bring on fear,
And the truths,
About our lives...

The mountains are the throne,
For those ,
Who have to suddenly go,
Lights flash below,

A finale kiss, you were to guard me,
While I prayed,
Put the gun away...

Judas kissed his boyhood friend,
A sword draws blood,
Jesus has had enough,
One last miracle,
Peter, put the sword away...

You've done well,
And you showed your love,
But my time is up,
My thanks to you,
For guarding me....
While I prayed.


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