a poem by Ash sarge, USA

It is a stone said to be placed,
way before Merlin,
It is the heart of a dragon slain.
A crowd gathers round,
With shared memories.

He was seven feet tall,
Chauvinist, he was a SHE.
The mighty hero
Had a mighty sword,
The Heroine had a grassblade..

This person, felled a million foes,
Was not a person,
Twas a god,

This being,
Healed people,
Just by looking at them,
No, no people died by his looks,
She killed with her glares.

But, healed with her hands,
This hero had no hands,
Does have hands,
How else could she heal?

I saw the vultures,
Eating them ,
Before they buried,
This hero, heroine, person, god,

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