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a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India

How come you, stacked in pages of the web crowd, 
Through the clutter, your hidden voice speaks aloud, 
That I, unseen and unwanted in my own world, 
Could see, left out, till my thoughts go unfurled.

If it wasn’t for the “Love Song for Robots” that I’d configure,
A little slice of your mind reaching out in colours of music,
Youtube neglects your talents, you never hesitate to animate,
Romeo Robot’s fireworks flicker in rhythms of ballet tunic.

Searching for you, I did, but somehow it never seems possible,
You may be known and yet you are largely unknown and unreachable,
Will it ever strike you that as you compose do I write,
My pen flows in flows of your music, far away from your sight.

—By Dr. Nilanjana Haldar
( Inspired by "Love Song for Robots"by Patrick Watson)

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