Let the piano play

a poem by Ash sarge, USA

The intro,
Is almost through,
Here on the stand,
Are the notes I've witten to you.
It's time to add my voice,
Let the piano play.

I've tried to express,
The feeling I repress,
I've written the letters down,
Let the piano play.

It's the build, it's the crescendo,
Lend my heart,
Oh how I long to....
I fear my fingers may slip.

Each word I try to sing,
Is versed so much better,
In the melody.

And its not the same.
So let the piano play.

Look not to my lips,
You'll only get a kiss,
And don't try to wipe the dew,
From my hands ..

I can only give,
What black and white keys,
Can open...

Black and white,
Connected to a spryte,
Let the piano play.


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