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“Oh! Lord of the Heaven,
I fell into a total confusion.
Up in the sky, is there a Heaven?
Or below the earth, a Hell hidden?”

One says, “Mind is in its own place,
It’s the ignorant man, who makes
A Heaven out of Hell, his own,
Or, a Hell out of his Heaven.”

Many theories do exist, I find,
That really confuses my mind,
As one says, “God is nowhere,”
Another says, “He is everywhere.”

Advaita says, “Bodies are different,
But Souls are one with the Divine,
As everyone says “I” that means,
All are one-God that makes sense.”

Dvaita says, “God remains as one,
All Souls are different, but not one,
They take rebirth on the basis
Of their, good or bad, past Karmas.”

Atheist says, “It is the Nature,
That is spread o’er everywhere.
It rules the Universe, left or right.
Also creates this day and night.

Scientist says, “Proof is required,
On the lab table, if there is God,
And everything is man made,
With the help of Nature’s hand.”

Doctor says, “I’ve done my best,
In the hands of God lies the rest,”
O’er a patient awaiting his last,
After taking all his treatment cost.

A Sadhu says, “It is that Supernatural Power,
Call Him by any name, be it whatever,
He is God, the Almighty, the one Shapeless,
Who can’t be seen thru’ our naked eyes.”

Krishna says, “I stay in every heart.
If I’m not there, one is dead at last,”
But pity, one looks for me outside,
While I’m staying there inside.”

Which theory I must follow,
My brain has become hollow.
To decide one, in particular,
Now my mind isn’t so clear.

Karmas = Deeds
Advaita = Individual Souls Merge with Super Soul God
Dvaita = God is different from individual Souls


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