a poem by David Omrenya Odey, Nigeria

Pray for Nigeria at 58
A country living and daily recreating it dark history
Tainted with endemic corruption and visionless leaders
Greedily leading a march to underdevelopment and sabotage

Pray for Nigeria at 58
Consumed and daily inundated with the rattling pangs of death
From the hill tops of the Jos plateau to the flood plains of the Delta South
A Country in peace yet constantly at war with itself

Fight for Nigeria at 58
Struggling from the bondage of mediocrity and political elitism
Whence thieves in Agbada continue to swallow our collective patrimony
While entrenching the culture of chop bellyful now and borrow tomorrow

Fight for Nigeria at 58
For the love of country and the common aspiration we share
To prosper under Gods green earth
That the giant dreams birthed on 1st October, 1960 may not be consigned to oblivion

March for Nigeria at 58
That her socio-economic policies be truly free from dependent crutches of strings and pull
Where her young resort less to Cyber Crime and generic prostitution
Hence empowered to chase the Nigerian dream than trading franchise for rice on elections

March for Nigeria at 58
Not for the love of a dearth in nation builders
But to honour heroic men and women who had once sacrificed for our unity
For the smart Nigerians who will someday reinforce our preeminence as a true Giant from Africa

Pray if you like
March if you could
Fight if you would sacrifice
We are responsible for what we become, whether we know it, like it or not.

For what is happiness for a young Eastern "Biafran” who sees nothing good in Nigeria?
What is progressive about our changed present if the young are not empowered to drive progress?
What is Nigeria if the average Nigerian only sees green grasses beyond our shores?

We must all do our bit.
Every drop makes up the fill.
Give hope today
Celebrate Nigeria @58.

Happy Independence celebration.

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