Triple “A” A Poet Writes Their Poetic Verse In Rhyme. An Alliterative Acrostic

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

As any ardent aspiring author argues, a

Passionate poet proves perfect poetry pleases, and
Offers an overtly opportunistic opening to
Everyone! Every effort exhibited, exacerbates
Those that take time to test their tentative transcription.

Wisely, wondering whether written words worry
Readers; repeatedly revising reasonable requirements:
Inviting incisive, intelligent interest is idiomatic, inasmuch
There are those that take time to tentively test theories:
Even to explaining entertaining evocative exotic exercises.
Some succinctly say: Stop! Surely simplicity is sufficient!

Taking time to transfer their thoughts thus,
Hopefuls have habitually hoarded and hidden
Entertaining, exciting, even explicitly expressed
Items. Invariably, interest invites intense inspection of
Rhyme, and readers realise rhythm is required.

Perhaps popular Poets, purposely prod pensive people?
Offering open observations, of older obsolescent origins?
Extraordinary exotic exercises exemplify extreme examples,
That temptingly tease the timid, towards testing their tenacity.
Interestingly, intense interaction, is importantly interesting if
Competent capability on completion is considered correct.

Verily, voracious verbevores, versify vibrantly. Virtually
Every example exhibits extreme excellence in expressive
Rhyme. Rightly reaping rich rewards, rhythm requires
Supreme skill in shaping sentences. Some savants stress.
Every example eventually evokes excellent exclamations!

Initially, inspired illusions, initiate illustrative imagery, in
Newbies and novices. Nonetheless, naysayers needlessly

Repeatedly ravage rules regarding rhythm! Records
Have hailed harmony as having helped hopeful hacks.
Yes, youth yearning for yesterdays yeoman yarns,
May manipulate many magnificent masterpieces.
Eventually, energised extroverts entertain everyone!

Especially when:
A Poet Writes Their Poetic Verse in Rhyme.

Rhymer. November 18th, 2018.
(Trying to beat the cold of November!)

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