The Art of Well Crafted Ramblings

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

To speak, To say something
No matter how weak, and to make it powerful
Was the craft of a Rambling Fool.

A Rambling Fool was I,
Ink flowing from pen onto page
with hardly a sigh,
Telling myself I was tapping into that "Third-Eye"
It was a place beyond envy, beyond Greed and Sin,
Far away from reality is where I have been.

For Reality can corrupt in a way never before seen,
Giving Children a book instead of technology and VR might be the Key.
For Reality is for those willing enough to put down their smartphones and become engrossed in a world so full of people and promise and opportunity, I colud see better days ahead
Just a thought on the Art of Well Crafted Ramblings.


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