nothing to lose

a poem by rona torres, Philippines

looking at the past
with misplaced hope and trust
--an addiction to the pain.

cast away the dreams
trade them for what is real
focus, what is in your hands?

rebel at what you have been
be brave at what you want
take one step at a time.

a life of worry and indecision
death prowling at the door
tell me, what are you waiting for?

PS. (freewriting/thinking/ writing whatever)
after a year of leaving life on its own
i packed my bag to journey alone
taking side with gut feeling
and holding hands with faith
i am not sure where I am going
but i know i will be safe.
another year and i will be set
i tossed the coin and forgot regret
i dug the hatchet out of its grave
i learned to wield it against the waves
now i am ready to be ready
i have written what i will write
my feet are itchy to get wet
leaving us for you and i.

whatever our future holds
we have already seen how fate unfolds
with nothing between us and nothing before
we found each other twice in two doors.
how can i fear the distance that united us
how can I doubt the time that let us grow
i am sure temptation has its way to tease us
but break us? bring it on. :P

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