A Tall Tall Tree

a poem by Victoria Addino, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

At the end of the forest
Stood a spruce tree so tall
From miles away it was seen by all

In the spring it’s bristles we’re green and bright
So shiny that some even glistened the nite

In the winter it’s tip was topped by snow
Dangling iceIcles made it appear
From afar an elegant chandelier

A wandering lumberjack ,
came across the tree
He shouted out loud, this tree is for me

His chainsaw had teeth made of cold iron
It sounded so loud all critters scattered
Squirrels ,chipmunks, raccoons and birds
There home now in danger
By this funny looking stranger

In there critter language they spoke together
Mr lumberjack began to laugh
He laughed and laughed he asked, is this a joke?
He shouted out loud this tree is for me
But it was no Joke nor was it a hoax

Within seconds, vines sprung down
Prickly needles began to spear
Flooded by sap the chainsaws gears

Mr lumberjack ran away
He never returned to the tall tall tree
The tree shall be seen by many many eyes
It will glow in the dark and sparkle in the rain
And never again be taken in vain

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