Immortal Words (In memory of Chinua Achebe)

a poem by Ifeanyi John Nwokeabia, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Immortal Words
May I live in the heart of breathing men
Rather than live in the midst of men
Such was the echoing sound of your words.
As a mortal, you may have slept in death
But your words will never see death.
Your words like air, will continually breed life
Not just to this generation, but many yet to come.

Like an iroko,you stood so tall amidst other trees
Unshaken by the wavering winds of criticisms.
The power of your wise marriage of ink and paper
Redeemed the entire black African race
Inking life to human beings as against being apes.
The vacuum you left is beyond human occupation.
You and you alone can always fill it.
I wished to be given the power to call you back
From your wonderful bosom of rest.

Like a seer,you saw and unveiled the future.
How would you have reacted in this time
Seeing that your prophecies are more felt presently?
In counting your wisdom, I count our losses.
In your death, the resurrection of your words were seen
Which in us today and ever,remain immortal.

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