We Want To Be Free, Yet

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Freedom is like water it is needed but too much is bad
If we are not connected to something we tend to feel sad

We want to be free of troubles yet we love the dramas in life
We want to be free to go at anytime, but we want but we tend to need a wife

We want to be free of worries yet we feel we must plan everyday
We want to be free of life’s pains, but we indulge ourselves and have to pay

We want to be free; yet in freedom we are alone and without love
We want to be free, sailing thru blue skies like a dove

We want to be free and have love; for it can be found and you can find
We want to be free of life’s negatives that will continually grind

We want to be free of thoughts, for thoughts turn into worrying and we cry
We want to be free of the future thoughts, of when our bodies will have to die

We want to bound to something, for alone is not a strong way
We want to be together, for being together makes a brighter day

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