By Winter Bound

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The day was bright, the sun was soft,
Without a hint winter’s breeze.
As through those branches high aloft,
That sun filtered through those snowbound trees.

And there ‘twas seen that winter morn,
As the sun spread forth its wintry light.
Upon the ground by winter, borne;
A soft and snowy winter site.

Those trees, their bowers, ‘neath their load,
With all that glistening snow o’er head.
Its beauty seen, ‘twas there bestowed;
As sun and snow, ‘twas then found wed.

A stream below, so soft, did shine,
As on that stream, the light then played.
This wonder seen, by God designed;
Caught in the light, as well the shade.

And though the brilliance found was cold
For still ‘twas wintertime, ‘twould seem.
Bright colors then were put on hold;
Beneath that snow, that soft did gleam.

The wonders that, by winter, cast;
O’er all the land; its beauty found.
A feast for eyes, this sweet repast;
As all, by winter, now was bound.

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