D’ARTAGNAN’S MESSAGE (a poem for Eddie Jepson)

a poem by Conrad Kruger van den Bergh, South Africa - poetry writer, author, poet

It was the last quiet hour of midnight fright
when Dumas saw the horse by bright moon light
the rider bold, his red feathered hat brimmed wide
and gleaming silver, his deadly rapier at his side
up the barren wagon road this Musketeer rode
to the front door, of this, Dumas country abode
“Who goes there!” confused Dumas cried,
“….in this most ghostly hour when no man should ever ride.”
“It is I!” D’Artagnan replied. “…and switch off your mobile phone if you may,
…this is eighteenth century France, you’re a bit far ahead, I would say!”
“Sorry about that, my old friend, I was prepping to call the Prince of Wales
just in case you were a journalist fixing to write me into sordid tales
“No harm done!” D’Artagnan smiled, “…totally understandable in the coming day and age…
…where things like Facebook and Twitter will be more than the rage!”
and dismounting his horse the Musketeer stepped to the door
and embraced his friend, Dumas, who dropped the phone to the floor
“And what brings you here in this last hour of sight?”
“I am here Dumas, to borrow your laptop tonight.”
“What? I thought you said this was eighteenth century France?”
“Indeed, but as a poet I can bend the rules and leave it all to chance.”
“And what D’Artagnan, is so important that it could not wait?”
“Yes! I am here to send out a message to the world at this hour late!”
and taking off his hat, D’Artagnan took another broad stride
and pulled out a chair, swung over a leg and sat beside
the dining table, where Dumas’ laptop feverish stood
already in Facebook, with a fake profile that was better than good
“Is this your fake Facebook profile, Dumas?” D’Artagnan cheerfully roared
gawking at a bogus photo of Dutch prince obvious totally bored
“Aye! It is I!” Dumas embarrassingly confessed,
“…please do not tell, but I am fake closet royalty, …and totally obsessed.”
“Do not fear my friend. Your secret is safe with me,
…and anyway, in three centuries from now, no one would give a pee.”
“Thank you my friend D’Artagna,” please use my laptop as you are kind
for not letting my fake royal Facebook profile, unravel and unwind
and at the table, on the laptop, D’Artagnan began to type and write
his message to the world, to even those who were out of sight:
“Dear friends, it is I, Eddie Jepson here, and I am alright
Christmas is at my house this year, by beautiful candle light.
May all be Blessed and may Season’s greetings find everybody well,
and always remember, of love and kindness, there is always more to tell."
thus D’Artagnan send out his message and it traveled wide
and all send back their love to Eddie, for their hearts are always by his side.

I wrote this poem for Eddie (without his permission), as he is always such a gentleman, leaving such uplifting and inspiring comments on other's poems, and just to let him know that he is in the hearts of many. I really hope that he is feeling much better and that he will join us back here soon again, to share more of his own beautiful poems. Seasons’s greetings Eddie! May it be a great, Merry and Blessed Christmas dear friend! Warm regards from the tip of Africa! Conrad
Conrad Kruger van den Bergh (Copyright, 2018)

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