Blow Billow Brave

a poem by Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia

A life upon the sea is not what I’d wish for ev’ryone
The rats, the men, the stink ’n’ the slurry but oh, ho
When the wind blows then I’m free

I spend my life on the waves with a woman
who keeps me safe on the sea
And she and I ride the billowing waves
As the world comes on forward to me

And we sail abroad through wind and through rain
Unto islands of glittering sand
And we roar and fight
Her beauty and might
As I take her round wheel in my hand

Blow, blow, billow and bale
Pray that she’ll keep you safe
Blow, (blow), billow and bale
For there’s room here for only
The bold and the brave
All the yo ho billow and shadow
And into your wat’ry grave

Mermaids and treasure and dolphins and sunsets
And things that you wouldn’t believe
And land-loving men,
whose hearts can’t be trusted
Are best left alone to deceive

And I’ll take what I can, as long as it’s mine
And I’ll drink me some rum with good friends
And we’ll fight and we’ll laugh
and we’ll dance with a woman and live 'til the journey ends

Blow, blow, billow and bale
Pray that she’ll keep you safe
Blow, blow, billow and bale
A sailor must surely be brave

Yo ho, stand against storm
Stand for your right to be free
Yo ho, pity me not!
Here on the endless sea

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