The 94th Musketeers Challenge Title- " "To Succeed In This Life, You Need, A Wishbone, A Backbone an

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

I read an article the other day that many people these days are getting their cremated ashes turned into diamonds.

The process takes around 3 months and is performed in laborotories in Switzerland and because of the presence of the element Boron in the body, the diamond has a bluish colour.

So get your orders in and here is my Musketeers Inspirational Poem 94.

Scatter me not, my elements will shine.
An urn cannot venture to the world left behind.
I'm carbon, I'm treasure, a girls best friend.
I'll be forged with a kiss and yours once again.
Boron it seems softly sparkles 'light blue.'
It's found in the body, it's in me and you.
So ashes to ashes, my bones are now dust.
Compressed lab conditions like under this earth.
'Neath sods that are sodden, I don't want to be.
Nor placed in a casket or thrown out to sea.
Don't scatter my ashes where our love first bloomed.
Or send them with Branson to throw on the moon.
Let the furnace of flames and science combine.
Once polished and cut, on your finger I'll shine.

William Willis 2018

Something to think about Zay.Lol!

Thanks for the inspiration as per your Challenge Title...

"To Succeed In This Life, You Need, A Wishbone, A Backbone and A Funnybone"

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