My Pinnacle of Ecstasy

a poem by Anjani George, India

When I step out, ready for work
To an outer world to face its hazards
Though by evening I’ll be back
There’s a yearning and missing inexplicable

When I leave on a holiday
A day or two or maybe even for a week
Exotic the locale, wonderful though
The countdown begins, when do I get back

When there’s the shopping to be done
With an exhaustive list of things to be bought
The hours seem to drag on, never ending
Why oh why doesn’t this ever get over

When there are visits to be made
Ceremonies to be attended, travels near and far
I hem and haw about being displaced
Vexed to budge from this paradise on earth

My home, my haven, my comfort zone
I reign supreme, free from the worldly shackles
Love, warmth and cheer in bounty, cooking smells in the air
Magical my home, t’is where my heart lies……..

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