In Your Story, You are the Fairy

a poem by Sindhuja Manikandan, India

It all takes a minute to stop by and wave a "hi"
An excuse is nothing but a disguised lie
It takes time every time that I agree
Always angle your life in a happy degree

Life does not stay ever still
We all have to take an emotional pill
Every time it has its own effect
But, for everyone, it does not affect

All the days are not the same
It's very tough to play this game
Call that fate, even if you hate
Tame it up and it is not too late

There is always a voice to hear
Not just through the inner ear
That can push us with the positive pressure
To get us near the destined treasure

Be in your own way
That is all I can say
It's not about who is wealthy
Stay happy and eat healthily

Either good or bad
Take it to your glad
Bliss is just a minute away
Reach to it in a phenomenal way

In your life's story
You are the only fairy
Do not wait for the demon
Bring out your own layman
Make it your friend
And that's the end

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