Old Window Panes

a poem by Dave brown, Canada

Old Window Panes

Sunlight through old window panes
Onto wood desk where thought entertains
Where the poetic concept forms into
Waiting poems that flow forth anew

Crossing heated deserts undulating sands
To deep blue seas beyond golden grasslands
To where the buffalo and prairie dog roam
To fresh flowers feeding bees honeycomb

Riding dreams through the bright milky way
Creating the symphony of each special new day
On the wings of a gooney birds flights
Gathering armfuls of night stars brightest lights

To romance blossoming under moons skies
Or as Vikings crossing dark northern seas
To the softness of sweet lovers soft eyes
Or natures special treasures, nesting in trees

Like pollinating fluff, light blowing on breeze
Or spray blowing from peak of winds waves
All newly packaged as rhymes meant to please
Flow back out the windows, dusty old panes

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