The Inner Voice

a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India

The inner voice
Is heard in the silence
Of the soul's solace
Who then speaks?
Who and why is of no relevance

The inner guru's countenance
None recalls
What one knows
Is the peace which follows;
As all the battle cries
Of the marching armies
Of the raiders
Of the mind are over!

For ,dead men's cries
Are never heard,
Nor their attires
Battle worn and torn
Are ever noticed;
What is noticed
Is that their black and white robes
Are equally stained - blood red!

The color of life blood
Spilled and now drying in the light
Of a remorse filled
Sad witness of an overhead
Sun, who wondered,
About the huge parcels of energy,
Dumped and laid waste
In the deserted battle field.

All the battles ceased.
Only the inner voice remained
About the dangers of a ravaging mind
The mind - the savior
Mind - the war monger
Mind the one to go
Weaving it's web of deceit and doom.

Peace never follows
Peace reigns
In all citadels
And ramparts.
The ever faithful accomplice
And Vanguard
Of the soul divine
Forever blessed..

Thanks and a very good morning from distant India, ancient India and eternal India!

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