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When he was seventeen years,
He had his first death experience,
At Madurai in Subbaiyer’s house,
Where he came to know what it was.

He had a similar experience,
Later on, after his morning bath
Along with his close followers
In Pachaiamman temple tank.

He spoke like this:-

“Every natural scenery before me
Disappeared from my eyes suddenly,
While a white screen spread slowly.
So, I stood without walking further.”

“When this screen disappeared suddenly,
I started walking again, but slowly,
In my body some weakness I felt.
I leaned on “Tortoise Stone” for rest.”

“Third time also this white curtain
Obliterated fully my eyes-vision,
Then I had to sit on this stone.
My head started reeling again.”

“My heart and blood circulation,
I felt, they stopped their functions
As a sign of death, within seconds,
O’er my body, black color spread.”

“After seeing this condition,
Our Vasudeva Sastri began
To cry and hug me tight,
As if I’d die in a moment.”

“Vasu’s hugging me, I felt.
Many others’ talking also I felt.
My hands-legs became then chill.
My heart stopped, I knew it well.”

“But I didn’t feel any fear,
Nor any tension, to care for,
My thoughts were clear,
My ‘Self’ touch was there.”

“I sat in the Padmasan Pose
With folded legs, closed eyes,
There was no blood circulation
But still, I sat in Padmasan.”

“For about fifteen minutes,
Perhaps it continued like this,
Suddenly, a flash of power
Restored all the inner functions.”

“My heart started beating.
My blood began circulating.
The black color on my body
Began to vanish slowly.”

“With my sweating body,
I stood up again steadily,
Keeping my eyes open,
I came back to my routine.”

“I called them all, “Come on.
Let us go,” way back again,
We reached Virupaksha Cave
That was on the hills above.”

“Wantonly I’m not saying this.
Never I wanted this experience.
But it came of its own accord.
That is all for me to conclude.”


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