95th Inspirational Challenge The Christmas Craze. If I were a Christmas ornament, I’d be...

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

The Christmas ornament I'd like to be
Hung upon a Christmas tree
Would be a glimmering golden bell
I'd shine and shimmer, chime a spell
A soul symphony in harmony

With a soft clink so crystal clear
A note I'd bring of Christmas cheer
Christ was born this special day
Santa's comin' on his way
Good tidings to the ears

A tinkling jingle, a melody
Hung upon the Christmas tree
And every time I would ring
You'd know an angel got his wings
Hope and love I would be.


Hi Chad, I am reposting this old poem of mine. Though it doesn’t allude to what you refer to in your post, but it feels Christmassy and happily crazy. Hence, it’s about the Christmas Craze. Incidentally, this poem was inspired by another poet on this site.

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