a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Does anybody notice when I don’t feel okay
Or do I hide it so well that even I don’t see decay
Does the smile on my face convince others all is good
Because I’m always polite and courteous, just the way i should

When the tears fall into floods does anybody see
Well of course not because the only one who knows is me
Head buried in my pillow hoping no one hears a sound
Not that they would anyway, I made sure they weren’t around

I keep struggling on, each day feels just as long
I awake hoping, praying that the feeling will have gone
But it is always there, rattling around inside my chest
But life still goes on so up I get and do my best

I know I should be happy surrounded by love and care
But still I struggle on in my silent weak despair
Looking at my life compared with where iv been
It’s going pretty well but you can’t unsee what you have seen

Haunted by my past I know there is nothing I can do
Looking forward to the future but I see those things still there to
Biting at my ankles like dogs who won’t relent
Each day I feel the worry rise and once again repent

It’s hard to understand when everything seems fine
But it’s what’s inside my head that draws the bottom line
I’m grateful for those who love me despite my constant fight
I just wish that I could hold on tighter to what I know is right

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