The Christmas Craze of a Candy Cane ( The Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

Stripes of red on a candy cane of white
use to be a pretty sight.
The Christmas crave of candy canes
is not as simple as it use to be.

It now comes in rainbow colors in all
sizes and flavors.
Large, medium and small.
Orange, blueberries, blackberries,
apple, and grape.
My favorite flavor still being the original, Peppermint

A symbol of Christmas it still seems to be,
as it forms a cane of white for friendship,
or it can form the letter J for Jesus.
Just as Jesus shared his life with us, a candy
cane should be broken in half and shared.

If I could be any decoration on a Christmas
tree, a candy cane I would be. Hanging brightly
as could be.
No,the Christmas Craze of an candy cane is not
as simple as it use to be.
However, candy canes are special just like you
and me!

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