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Ramana Maharishi’s fame spread,
Not only in India but also abroad.
Many foreign visitors, at that time,
Came to our country to meet him.

A newspaper reporter in London,
By name Paul Brunton,
Was writing a historical book on
‘A search in secret India,’ then.

In India, as soon as he landed
A Tamil reporter he contacted,
Venkataramani was his name,
Who, to Kanchipuram, took him.

There, Maha Swami told him
“Better you go to Tiruvanamalai
Meet Ramana Maharishi this time,
You’ll get, what you want, from him.

When he told about his hurry
To go next day to his country,
Maha Swami compelled him
To cancel his flight and meet him.

It was after meeting Swami,
He began to forget his hurry.
The purpose of his short visit,
It was well served, when he met.

In 1934, this book was released.
Which, even today, is in demand.
In the look of Paul Brunton
Maharishi held a high place then.

These are his observations:

“No ‘pomp and show’ he does.
His sight is like endless waves,
It cures well any anxiety disease
Of all those suffering hearts.”

“The bright light of one’s Soul
Near him, does shine very well.
From the rays of his knowledge
One’s mind gets charged well.”

“If one understands his path
In search of this bright Soul
And also his mental attitude,
His preaching acts like a guide.”

“He never played any trick
Or demonstrated any magic,
Just to get one’s blind faith,
So straight he was in his path,”

“Like two twinkling stars,
He had two shining eyes,
Whose penetrating rays,
Cured one in many ways.”


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