The Eagle

a poem by Mariam Gabrielle, United Arab Emirates

The Eagle fly so high above the clouds
Rising steadily, calm and proud.
Relentlessly hovering the skies above
Soaring into the wild blue yonder is his true love.

Fearless of any adversity that comes along his way
Conquering whatever obstacle leading to his headway.
No storm could stop his journey,
he would continue to hurry.

When an Eagle spread wide his majestic wings,
shows much magnificence, shining and glittering.
Expectedly, he is the king of his kind.
Firm to his standpoint and has a strong mind.

But the Eagle has a heart,
and a mind that is very smart.
He has the eyes that can see the needy.
and surely extends a help so ably.

The Eagle is not cold blooded after all.
He feels, he catches you on your downfall.
Indeed, I see the Eagle in you.
A true leader with a clear view.

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