The Christmas Blizzard

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Ever wish to be stuck with those you love?
Christmas time as a family
Like a Blessing from Above
A display of Kinship, Smiles and Hugs.
For special Times of Holiday Delight
May start to intermingle... in our minds,
But those times in our hearts
will be, by design, amazing memories,
But those special Holidays when the
snow is coming down, When the Christmas Blizzard shut every road down, and we did that Christmas morning with so many more people than we originally planned to have. A point of reference
in each of our histories, when we wonder, "Where, overall, will The Christmas Blizzard ultimately Stand in the 'All-time' rankings of Christmas Memories?"

The Christmas Blizzard

(In a couple more days I will release offering #2 of mine for the 95th Challenge: The Christmas Craze. Please enjoy a more difficult rhyme with inspiration from The Christmas Blizzard if you so dare.... I promise to read it ;)
I pretty much read everyone's daily offerings anywho...
Peace is the Season :) )
May all of you enjoy creative bliss this last month of the year!

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