Snowflakes Are....?

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Formed in pretty patterns,
of hexagonals oblique,
Though many are their numbers,
each one is formed unique.
Shaped from water vapours,
that crystallize when cold,
They’re built around a speck of dust,
or that is what we’re told.
They come in many sizes,
itheir numbers, wield great power,
They'll bring the world to standstill,
within a blizzard hour!
Though bringing hours of fun and games,
to every girl and boy,
Their bonds of strong cohesion,
can defy our every ploy!
When winds turn them into snowdrifts
to block every path and road,
Man is forced to clear them --
snowploughs are the normal mode,
With traffic brought to gridlock,
we've good reason to complain,
And curse the snowy weather:
for we much prefer the rain!
When we see a cloud of snowflakes,
whirling through cold, biting air,
We know that Winter has arrived,
so bundle up with care.
But snowflakes are deceptive,
they pose a grievous threat,
When the beauty that captivates,
and circumstances met,
Entice artless travellers
to venture out ill suited
Into a magic kingdom --
and this is not disputed,
Then find themselves engulfed
in snows so cold and deep,
They succumb to hypothermia,
that brings a lasting sleep.
Like the sirens of the Ancients,
snow can charm us -- one and all,
But by far the better place to love them,
is where snowflakes never fall!

Rhymer. December 11th, 2018.
Trying to make the most of the inevitable! Poetry inspired by our eighth snowfall of this Winter! And it's still Fall! Ciao Denis.

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